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Good feedback from customer about WI-XLR-D with new repeated order

New launched WI-XLR-D DMX wireless DMX512 receiver/transmitter, with digital display, capable compatible with Shenzhen program, Sweden wireless G3/G4/G4S mode. It is an enhanced  tranreceiver with 2KM communication distance.

Since this customer has so many lights need to use this portable insert-use wireless system, we suggested to make built-in wireless PCB in the light house, but he refused. He said plug-in and pull-out is convenient for usage, and easy to set the ID for operation. OK, it is a really good point that we can’t suggest more.

Below are the last QC pictures for repeated order.

wi-XLR-D dmx512 wireless tranreceiver

wi-XLR-D dmx512 wireless tranreceiver

wi-XLR-D dmx512 wireless tranreceiver

wi-XLR-D dmx512 wireless tranreceiver


Qdot Lighting Limited Festival Greeting

How time flies! Qdot Lighting Limited sincerely appreciate all your supports and attentions to our company, hope we could continue such good business relationship in the upcoming 2018, wish you all the best, peace, health, happiness and success, as well as your families.

Let’s cheers.



New launched WI-XLR-D/I wireless DMX512 receiver/transmitter

WI-XLR-D, digital display the ID, total 16 ID, compatible Sweden G3/G4/G5 mode

WI-XLR-I, indicator color ID, total 7 colors, compatible Sweden G3/G4/G5 mode

Both are with options for 3pin/5pin, male/female connectors, plug in for receiving and transmitting, no need long signal cables.


What kind of lights you prefer for your projects?

Nowadays, more and more lighting suppliers create more and more new and fun lights, some features are attractive but with extra values obviously.

But as the end users, lighting designers, solution designers, lighting technicians, and other lighting bosses, what kind of lights you prefer, the classic ones or the new ones?

And, what are classic ones?

Welcome to leave your comments here to discuss more about lights.

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