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New Launched qNET 1024, ArtNet-DMX512 lighting signal converter

qNET 1024, ArtNet-DMX512 lighting signal converter

Kinds of application with network cable, WIFI router, PC-light, PC-router-light, PC- led strips, PC- consoles, PC- WIFI- consoles, etc.

Compatible Application Software as below, and other software as long as support ArtNet.

FreeStyler X2
Vista (Jands)
Other software please check with sales for customization

And you could check more info from  Thanks.


MINIPROFILE 20W Launched, remote control and DMX512 control options

We, Qdot Lighting Limited, launched two super mini profile models, MP-643R (Remote control) and MP-643D (DMX512 control), features 1pc 20W LED CITIZEN COB, with  19°/26°/36°/50°field angles optional, white housing and black housing optional. This model is quite popular for mini lab, museum, mini show, etc. Very functional with reasonable cost.

Welcome to contact us for more information.,




QS-300Z LEDSPOT 300Z and QS-300L has been discontinued, replaced by Q-808 LEDSPOT 350Z

Dear All Customers,

Hereby we are regret to inform you that the QS-300Z  LEDSPOT 300W with zoom and QS-300L LEDSPOT 300W without zoom will be discontinued for production, due to the issues of some materials suppliers. We all know QS-300Z is quite hot-selling and being loved by many customers. However, good news that, we have another model Q-808 LEDSPOT 350Z to replace this model, with 350W 7500K white LED, wider zoom range 12°~48°, and even more bright, with similar cost of QS-300Z.

Welcome to contact us if any questions.

Thank you for all your attentions.

Yours sincerely,

Qdot Lighting Limited


IP Rated Protection Standard You May Know

IP Rated Protection Standard You May Know 

–by Qdot Lighting Limited 


In stage lighting field, we could see IP20 and IP65 protection rate of the lights. Most moving heads are IP20, par can has  IP20  (indoor par can) and IP65 (outdoor par can),  most architectural lights are IP65. For now, less  moving heads could achieve P65 rated, because its performance and features, moving and need good heat dissipation system.


Why called IP65 and IP20? 


First we need to know what is IP.

IP = INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION, the protection rated standard and waterproof rated standard are regulated by IEC  (INTERNATIONAL ELECTROTECHNICAL COMMISSION).

We could see there are 2 figures following IP, they present different standards.

First figure presents “anti-solid” materials grade, see below differences 

1 — protects ≥50mm diameter solid foreign objects, and large surface areas such as hand (not protect intentionally intruded)

2 — protects ≥12mm diameter solid foreign objects, and fingers and other objects not exceeding 80mm in length.

3 — protects ≥2.5mm diameter solid foreign objects, metal wires, tools, etc, with diameter or thickness not exceeding 2.5mm.

4 — protects ≥1.0mm diameter solid foreign objects, wires or strips with a thickness greater than 1.0mm.

5 —  protects dust. It is impossible to completely prevent dust from entering, but the amount of entering dust will not affect the normal operation of the equipment.

6 — Impervious to dust, no dust enters.


Second figure presents “ liquid-proof material grade” 

1 — protection of water droplets (vertically falling water droplets)

2 — projection of water water droplets when the equipment is tilted 15-degree, drops fall vertically should not cause damage

3 — protection of splashed water. Water splashes from both sides of the vertical line at a 60-degree angle should not cause damage

4 — protection against water spray. When the equipment is tilted at a normal position by 15-degree, the water directed at the equipment from any direction should not cause damage

5 — protection of water jets. Shooting water from any direction of the equipment should not cause damage

6 — protection against waves. The amount of water that enters the equipment by strong waves or strong jets should not cause damage

7 — protection flooding. When immersed in water at a define pressure and time  there should be no water intrusion that can cause damage

8 — protection flooding water. The equipment can be immersed in water for long periods of time under the conditions stated by the manufacturer.



IP20 is to prevent ≥12mm diameter solid foreign objects, fingers and other objects not exceeding 80mm in length,  any water could damage the equipment (no waterproof rated at all).

IP65 is no dust enters and protection against water jets, shooting water from any directions of the equipment should not cause damage.


Notice: This article was created by Qdot Lighting Limited, reproduced please specify the source.

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Discontinued Models

Considering products continuance and production revolution,  due to current more new products with stable quality and economical cost, some old models could be replaced and discontinued, if you are still interested in these discontinued models, the MOQ (minimum order quantity) is 30pcs. 

Please check Discontinued Models for your reference.  
For more info, please email us: , thank you for your always supports. 
—————————-Mar. 3 2018 by Qdot Lighting Limited 

2018 Chinese New Year Holiday Notice

Qdot Lighting CNY holiday

Qdot Lighting CNY holiday 

Dear Customers and Friends,

Kung Hei Fat Choy to all of you.

Qdot Lighting Limited will have CNY holiday from Feb. 12 to Feb. 23,  and resume to work on Feb. 24.  Should you have any inquiries, please always feel free to email us:,, we will access email randomly and get back to you once available.  For any emergency, please call Ella directly by following phone number 0086 1376 3344 230.

Good Luck and Cheers!

Qdot Lighting Limited @2018