QS-300Z LEDSPOT 300Z and QS-300L has been discontinued, replaced by Q-808 LEDSPOT 350Z

Dear All Customers,

Hereby we are regret to inform you that the QS-300Z  LEDSPOT 300W with zoom and QS-300L LEDSPOT 300W without zoom will be discontinued for production, due to the issues of some materials suppliers. We all know QS-300Z is quite hot-selling and being loved by many customers. However, good news that, we have another model Q-808 LEDSPOT 350Z to replace this model, with 350W 7500K white LED, wider zoom range 12°~48°, and even more bright, with similar cost of QS-300Z.

Welcome to contact us if any questions.

Thank you for all your attentions.

Yours sincerely,

Qdot Lighting Limited

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