Black Horse MA2 console

BLACK HORSE MA2 CONSOLE, professional lighting controller for kinds of large scale performances, live concerts and shows.

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Brief Introduction
All high-precision laser metal cutting technology
Electrostatic adsorption technology high temperature baking paint
Customized button cap = multilayer composite paint spraying technology, super anti-fraying, prevent light leak
Professional mechanical buttons
Imported encoder,  high-precision CNC machining, anodizing, aluminum encoder cap
Hydraulic screen angle adjustment support structure
Small size light weight design {875 * 680 * ( high 130 low 80) mm}
Core components PCB full board Immersion Gold Process
Industrial parts, strict selection, to ensure maximum stability guarantee
Fine assembly process, uninterrupted 24-hours aging test 
More than two hours of uninterrupted simulate shake test
Electrical parameters
Wide-voltage, low-power consumption, energy-saving design, AC165-264V,  power 550W
Built-in UPS un-interruptible power supply , zero delayed automatic switching , under-voltage, over-voltage protection
Panasonic UPS,dedicated high density maintenance-free batteries
B85M-E Motherboard,Intel i7-4790 3.6GHz CPU
GTX960 display card, 4G graphics memory, independent game graphics card.
ROM-240GB solid state disk
RAM- 16GB DDR3 1600
Control settings
A master dimming wheel
4 Attribute value encoder wheel (integration of key functions)
A Master Fader (60mm manual)
2 AB Fader (100mm manual)
21 program playback Fader (60mm manual)
42 program store function buttons
Two 19-inch wide screen touch screen
Full-size command keypad
Flight case attached with keyboard and mouse
2 USB 3.0 connector (A type), 4USB 2.0 connector 
1 spare USB input port (B type)
1 audio input interface
1 stereo output interface
 1 LTC input interface
6 DMX-512 output interface
1 DMX-512 input connector (composite output function)
 2 working lamp Interface
 1 gigabit network interface
1 MIDI input interface
2 VGA video signal input interface,
1 HDMI signal output interface
2 VGA video signal input interface (external signal from the control console display)
1 HDMI signal output interface (external expansion of a display)