BW-60F BEAMWASH 60F a 60W OSRAM 4IN1 LED effect beam wash light

The BW-60F BEAMWASH 60F features an Osram 60W RGBW LED, a mini, super fast LED BEAMWASH, to produce a strong square beam with narrow 2.5° and a soft wide wash with 35°, creates sharp multi-colored, high saturation color palette and flowers combination effect by a rotating 8-facet prism and a rotating light guide column prism (flower effect prism). Both directions rotation at variable speed, continuous rotation for PAN/TILT movement and many visual effect, very suitable for kinds of events, live shows, mobile DJ, road shows, clubs, and other stage applications.

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General Details
  • Model No.: BW-60F
  • Model Name: BEAMWASH 60F
  • An OSRAM 60W RGBW LED, 50,000 hours life span.
  • Input Power: AC90-260V 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: max. 200W
  • Beam Angle: zoom range 2.5°-35°, improved optics, strong square beam focus on 2.5°
  • Wash Angle: 4°- 35°, clear focus on 30°
  • A rotating 8-facet prism with variable speed, forward rotating and backward rotating
  • A rotating light guide column prism (flower prism creates flower effect and flower re-combination), forward rotating and backward rotating
  • 16 bit smooth and precise PAN/TILT movement, continuous movement, fine control movement when 18CH
  • 540°PAN and 246°TILT movement
  • Scan position memory, auto re-position after unexpected movement
  • Variable direction rainbow effect with adjustable speed
  • RGBW color saturation control from 0-100, creating more then 10 colors
  • RGBW color mixing
  • Flower effect, creating spectacular beam effect in the air
  • Shutter, strobe effect, pulse strobe effect in sequences, random strobe, from slow to fast, max 20times/sec.
  • High resolution electronic dimmer from 0-100
  • Frost swing out and swing in.
  • Motorized zoom effect
  • Control Channel: 18/16 DMX channel
  • Control Mode: DMX512, master-alone, sound activated or auto operation
  • Blue white LCD display
  • Powercon IN/OUT
  • 3-pin XLR connectors IN/OUT
  • Fan cooling system, fan auto-adjust speed based on temperature
  • 45℃ max ambient temperature
  • IP20 protection rating
  • 1*1/4 turn fastening Omega clamps
  • 1*safety attachment point
  • Optional Model Versions: white color case, black color case, wireless system built-in
  • Dimensions: 175.6(D)*282(W)*399.4(H)mm
  • Package Dimensions: 259(D)*320(W)*411(H)mm
  • Net Weight: 6.8kg
  • Gross Weight: 8kg
  • Package Details: light*1pc, signal cable *1pc, power cable *1pc, Omega clamp *1pc, safety chain *1pc, user manual *1pc
  • Default carton package, flight case optional