LED Matrix Wash

Q-809 PIXEL7BEAM 7x15W 4IN1 Infinite Rotation LED Pixel Bar

Q-809 PIXEL7BEAM features 7pcs 15W 4IN1 multi-chip LEDs, with infinite (endless) PAN/TILT movement which can get rotation beam effect, fast and precise PAN/TILT movement brings wider operation and produces outstanding beam effect and high light output. Each pixel (LED) can be controlled individually, not only speed but also saturated linear dimmer. This amazing system is very easy for installation, suitable for small to medium live concerts, road shows, mobile DJ, clubs, disco, flicker free for TV application and video application.

BW-60F BEAMWASH 60F a 60W OSRAM 4IN1 LED effect beam wash light

The BW-60F BEAMWASH 60F features an Osram 60W RGBW LED, a mini, super fast LED BEAMWASH, to produce a strong square beam with narrow 2.5° and a soft wide wash with 35°, creates sharp multi-colored, high saturation color palette and flowers combination effect by a rotating 8-facet prism and a rotating light guide column prism (flower effect prism). Both directions rotation at variable speed, continuous rotation for PAN/TILT movement and many visual effect, very suitable for kinds of events, live shows, mobile DJ, road shows, clubs, and other stage applications.

QM-094 MADPANEL 2510F 25pcs 10w matrix panel moving head light

The QM-094 MADPANEL 2510F features 25pcs 10W CREE Xlamp XML 4-in-1 LEDs fitted with 5°optics, is a matrix moving head panel with ARTNET control optional, each LED can be controlled individually, with endless PAN/TILT movement, suitable for large scale live concerts, TV studios, video productions, road shows, mobile DJ, clubs, discos, etc.