Stage Effect Series

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F-1500 1500W fog machine with 24pcs 3W 3IN1 RGB LEDs

F-1500 1500W fog machine with 24pcs 3W 3IN1 RGB LEDs, warm-up time 7 minutes, oil tank volume 3L, 6CH, control mode: remote control and DMX512, LCD display. Package dimention: 490x415x265mm, 9kg. Hanging: stand or upside down.

QE-123T LED CO2 JET 12pcs 3W RGB 3in1

CO2 Jets are one of the most spectacular special effects we make and are by far the most popular with the music industry and nightclub clients. Designed to create plumes of fast disappearing white 'smoke', our CO2 jets and guns fire liquid CO2 into the atmosphere which immediately turns back into its gaseous state, producing jets of rolling white clouds. CO2 plumes can be used as a standalone effect fired either upwards or across the stage or room and are often used as a 'dump' effect as you'll see in many of clubs, or as a crowd cooler when things get really hot at a festival. Application Live show, Disco, club, large literature performance, Gym club, Temporary stage performance, City lighting system, wedding, events, TV studio, theater, professional showplace, Theme park, etc